Another QSO with YO4RYU/MM after 4 yrs

Today, I put the another QSO with Ginel YO4RYU/MM into my log. He was operating again from the tanker ship located in the South Atlantic Ocean this time close to the Gulf of Guinea in locII48OF.

He is working from vertical Delta Loop antenna with the power of 75-100W.

Whether you believe or not the previous contact with Ginel was made EXACTLY 4 years ago on January 6th, 2013 also on 20m band while he was located in the central Indian Ocean that time.

Hope to see you soon again on the band Ginel as /MM.
Stay safe onboard. 73.

My 5th QSO with Regin OY1R/MM today

Today I have made already the fifth QSO with Regin OY1R as /MM calling on 17m. There were almost no takers and he replied to my first call. RST sent 45 and received 58 at 18:48 UTC. This time Regin was located NW from the coast of Germany in the North Sea. He gave me his exact location: 53° 58.3 N, 006° 55.6 E which is JO33LX as shown on the map below.

My 5th QSO with Regin OY1R/MM :)

DX Flora and Fauna Award 20 | Hunter Award 88

See you on the air!

73, Martin OM8KT

My first Flora&Fauna activation

I have activated my first Flora & Fauna location today together with Peter OM8AKX.

We have tested the equipment for next activations on OMFF-0979 which is the closest FF area to the city where we both live in. We were running on 40m and 20m from portable vertical antenna, using 50 to 100W from Yaesu FT-857. The weather was fine, with the temp. 17°C.

We will re-activate this location soon because the number of QSOs on 20m was not enough. We were forced to close the station earlier than we planned.

See you on the air soon again.

73, Martin OM8KT

Madagascar 5R/F5UFM/MM

I have worked Sebastien 5R/F5UFM/MM near Madagascar in Indian ocean on 12m.
His exact location is unknown. Report 43 sent and 59 received. No takers - easy to work :)

Back on HF after QRT

I am back on HF (80, 60, 40, 20, 15, 12, 10 m) after QRT period from October 2014 to November 2015.
I am interested especially in QSOs with SOTA, WWFF, IOTA, /MM, /AM, /M and other /P stations and expeditions.

Now I use Kenwood TS-870 on HF  with FD4 antenna 30m above the ground.

See you on the air :)

Martin, OM8KT


I have worked Steve IZ5GST/MM today from JN53CO on 40m.
Nice signal, nice pile-up.