Zádielska tiesňava 4/2021

About two-hour 6 km hike to the western edge of the gorge with beautiful views. The first relaxing part through the valley. The second part with a quite steep ascent to the plain above the gorge. The most difficult is about 800m long part with 200m altitude ascent:

The weather was pleasant spring but the sun's rays are already intensifying so my head without a cap has tanned. I made couple contacts on PMR 446 MHz with my friend who was located on the nearest castle Turna just 3 km away and with another one on the summit "Jeleni vrch" - 947m asl) about 6 km to the north. Another nice 44 km contact was made on 145 MHz.

view from the place where I was transmitting and stayed for about 3 hours..

view from the same place to another direction..

in the forest on the plain..

northern parts of the hills still with snow..

Wikipedia link about this area. Sorry, it is not translated into English.

Skárošská vyhliadka 4/2021

non-SOTA summit Skárošská vyhliadka 795m asl located 20 km south-east from QTH Košice

I stayed there for 2 hrs even though it was very windy and made few contacts on 2m and 70cm.

WAS - Worked All States

 Worked & Confirmed All States

Confirmed via eQSL and LoTW

Band: mixed, Mode: mixed